OutsourcingAs a software outsourcing company, we provide solutions for the most critical and complex components of large projects.

It is widely recognized that outsorcing can substantially reduce production costs as it lets companies eliminate various expenses, e.g. maintaining own teams of highly specialized employees.

This is exactly what we are there for: to minimize our partners' cost and risk. Our customers can rest assured that the most technically difficult parts of their projects will be effectively handled with minimum cost and time expense by qualified experts.

Sample off-the-shelf products

  • Ultrafast database engine tlSpeed.com
  • An iPhone application Twit-Notify – a configurable Twitter notifier for an iPhone and iPod touch devices
  • Mobile IM based on the Jabber protocol TLS Talk – build in J2ME technology
  • TLS Paint – a sophisticated painting tool for Poceket PC (Windows Mobile) devices.


Our services include:
  • custom software development;
  • requirements gathering and analysis;
  • system and network design;
  • deployment planning and supervision;
  • system and security audits and consultation services.

We develop projects for every type of end customer and we are specifically qualified to work in the following areas:
  • Web and Enterprise applications, particularly J2EE and .NET;
  • mobile telephony and wireless communications;
  • applications for portable computers and mobile devices;
  • cryptography and network security.
A more detailed list of our skills can be found in the Knowledge section.

Section History gives a detailed description of the projects.

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