We are faculty members, graduates and post-graduates of the Institute of Informatics of Warsaw University. All of us possess established industry and research experience in various fields of computer science and IT technologies.

We have long-term practice in working together as a team.

Our theoretical background, coupled with practical experience, stimulates our creativity and readiness to adapt to the most sophisticated customer requirements.

Our scientific background and interests help us to:
  • quickly acquire new knowledge and learn its applications;
  • gain better understanding of presented problems through analyzing a great number of solution patterns;
  • better evaluate solutions or tools proposed by others;
  • should a problem stated by our customer require it - find new and completely original solutions;
  • better understand products, market trends and risks.
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In addition to working for TLS-Technologies, most of our team members carry out scientific research and lecture at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, Warsaw University - see Research.

Such work is strongly encouraged by the company so our employees may continually extend their knowledge and keep up to date with to the most innovative and promising areas of computer science and IT technologies.


Members of our team successfully combine work at TLS-Technologies with developing their hobbies. Computer science is our hobby too. See more in the Hobby section.

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