Research areas

Our scientific background and main research areas include:
  • cryptology:
    • complexity theory based security;
    • zero-knowledge protocols;
    • unconditional security;
  • formal software construction:
    • functional programming;
    • software specification;
    • software verification with model checking and with computer-assisted provers;
  • compiler construction;
  • algorithms and complexity.
Mobius logoThe Mobius project

TLS Technologies participates in the Integrated European Project MOBIUS launched under the FET Global Computing Proactive Initiative.

Its aim is to develop the technology for establishing trust and security for the next generation of global computers, using the Proof Carrying Code (PCC) paradigm. This paradigm allows automatic detection of security flaws and potential attacks on developed code.

The project involves 16 European participants, including two from Poland: Warsaw University and TLS Technologies.

Our team

Apart from the research conducted by TLS Technologies as a company, our team members carry or have carried out scientific research in the fields of:
  • software specification and verification, in particular Java software verification with the Coq proof assistant;
  • designing fault-tolerant distributed algorithms for systems prone to link and processor failures;
  • investigating X-ray emission from accretion disks around stellar-mass and supermassive black holes.
PapersSelected papers

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